Bastion LLC is a company that makes custom magazine floor plates and accessories for handguns.

Our high-quality T6 hard anodized aluminum floor plates are available in both .40 and .45 caliber sizes for Glock, Springfield XD, and SW M&P pistols. We also manufacture rear slide plates for Glock pistols, made from the same high quality T6 aluminum. We have many great stock designs for both floor plates and slide plates, including American flags, “Punisher”, and “Zombie Outbreak Response Team". We can also make custom plates with department badges or patches on them. However, manufacturing floor plates and slide plates is not all that we do.

In addition to our excellent selection of handgun accessories, we also make some other great products. We have custom Challenge Coins in several different designs, and we have a wide variety of colorful embroidered and PVC rubber patches.

If you are in need of some Tactical Bling for your handgun or your range bag, Bastion is your one-stop shop!

You can contact us by Telephone : 800-897-9203
or By Email